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Announcing the Architectural Doctor book-published November 2022

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The Architectural Doctor book, released on November 22, 2022, is a publication that discusses the detailed processes of health and wellness in the built environment in a new cohesive approach.

The book delves into the details of the “Architectural Medicine System (AMS),” the role of the Architectural Doctor, and the new functions of the Building Informaticist and the Healthy Building Inspector.

These approach the solutions for better health in the built environment by providing integrative, multi-disciplinary connections between the fields of Architecture and Medicine. The book also focuses on the Architectural Medicine Software Solution – ARxMD providing digital interoperability solutions between the medical and architecture professions.

The Architectural Doctor and Building Informatics

The Architectural Doctor and Building Informatics are topics of focus with the role of the Building Informaticist providing big data analysis for better public health.

Topics include social determinants of health (SDoH), and the lessons that can be learned from the novel coronavirus pandemic relative to building health.

With the impact that the built environment has on human health and well-being, this book focuses on this topic of increasing study, interest, and recognition. Both the Medical fields and the many fields connected with Architecture are learning of this influence on human health in their research. As these fields continue to develop, there becomes an increasing need for these fields to connect these “dots” of their research for the benefit of both the professions involved in the built environment and overall public health.

The Architectural Doctor works to connect these dots to provide updates on the latest information related to these various fields, and to help build bridges for a healthier, greener, and a more sustainable built environment.

The book brings more awareness to these issues of the built environment, as well as new approaches and systems for Heath in the Built Environment.


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How Do Buildings Affect Physical Wellness?

How Do Buildings Affect Mental Wellness?

How Do Buildings Affect Emotional Wellness?

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