What is Architectural Medicine?

1. Overview of the Topic – Summary:

Perhaps the two words “Architecture” and “Medicine” next to each other is confusing, yet the goal of this website is to discuss how these two fields have a potential to overlap for a better built environment to live and work within.

The fields of Architecture and Medicine have changed quite a bit in the past fifty years, and while many people and groups have been focused on various facets that each of these very large fields address, there have been few that are geared towards the big picture relative to the healthy built environment.

The intent of Architectural Medicine is to help integrate these various fields for the general public, as well as the overall fields of Architecture and Medicine. A main goal is to help define the various fields and to participate in creating bridges between these fields in how they might all fit together.

2. What is the focus of this Topic?:

The focus of Architectural Medicine is to understand and evaluate how the built environment impacts human health – physically, mentally and emotionally.

This focus is to help integrate the many fields involved in both Architecture and Medicine, while also striving to provide whole systems solutions to provide a better built environment for the future.

3. Why it’s listed here – What is the relevance to Architectural Medicine?

Obviously the topic of Architectural Medicine is what this website is all about, and the many articles, stories and information on these topics all correlate to the topic of Architectural Medicine.

4. Common groups and individuals involved with this topic:

This website is the main source of information for Architectural Medicine, and the many articles, posts and updates strive to support these emerging developments.

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