Information on the Various Fields of Architecture and Medicine

This is a list of the many fields and professions involved in the fields of Architecture/Building and Medicine/Health, either directly or indirectly.

The following list is provided to give an overview of the many fields that are involved in this topic of Health and the Built Environment, and to recognize the many different professions that are involved in both Architecture and Medicine.

While this list is lengthy, there are still many other fields that will be added as appropriate.

What is the Purpose of this Resource involving these Various Fields?

The purpose is to help provide information about these fields as a quick summary, with a focus on the connection to Architectural Medicine and Health in the Built Environment. It’s intended to provide an overview and summary and to provide resources to more in-depth information for each topic.

You can make a selection on the left, or if you’re using a tablet or smartphone, there will be an option that will allow you to select the different fields at the top of the listings.

How are these Resource Pages Structured?

The following list will be used for each topic as an outline. The purpose is to give an overview of the topic, with links to further information and reading:

  1. Overview of the Topic – Summary:
  2. What is the focus of this Topic?:
  3. Why it’s listed here – What is the relevance to Architectural Medicine?
  4. Common groups and individuals involved with this topic:
  5. Resources:
  • Websites
  • Books/Publications