About Architectural Medicine

Architectural Medicine LLC has been created as a resource and process to support an integrated, multi-disciplinary convergence of the many fields of the built environment with those of the health fields to support the development, creation and resolution for Wellness, Well Being and Health in the built environment.

The foundation of Architectural Medicine is based on the integration of the two fields “Architecture” and “Medicine”, while also being an overarching umbrella which includes the many facets of these fields.

The Development of Health in Buildings

In the past 30 to 40 years, the topics of “Energy Efficiency” and “Ecological Sustainability” have been developing and have become a more popular topic in the built environment in the past decade. While the facet of Human Health and Wellness has not been as much of a focus, these three facets of “Health”, “Energy” and “Ecology” are actually inseparable. And when placed together in the built environment, they support a triad of design and engineering principles that support the wellness of the occupants along with the well being of the planet.

Architectural Medicine-Three Triads-All Together

The integration of Healthy, Green and Sustainable Building, combined with the triad of Health – Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.

This website has been created to support this integrative process, to provide information and updates about the various fields in the Architecture and Medical professions related to this wellness, and to also include supportive information for the General Public.

It is the public, after all, that is being impacted by the built environment every day and it also the public at large that is making final decisions and demands in hiring these professionals. It therefore makes sense for the public to have access to information that can enable them to make informed decisions for the health of themselves as well as future generations to come.

The Purpose of Architectural Medicine

With populations living in more urban environments and the amount of time spent inside buildings increasing in large number — with many people spending up to 90 percent of their time indoors — the recognition of the impact of Architecture on Health where people live and work is becoming increasingly important. The impact on physical health as well as mental and emotional health can combine to either support good health, or prevent health and wellness from being achieved.

This website has been created to support this information to provide resources for a better understanding of these interconnections, and to support the continued integration of these professionals for the benefit and well being of society at large.

Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellness in the Built Environment

These topics of physical, mental and emotional health in the built environment is discussed in the initial article “why not call it Healthy Building?”

The hope is that the information provided on this site, including the many articles and presentations, can support this process of good health and wellness. It also strives to contribute to the developments in Architecture and Medicine for better health, for both current society as well as for future generations.

After all, Architecture is a long standing and highly influential facet of society, and the more consideration and care that can be placed into these designs and developments for human well being, the better chance of better quality of life for the public.

This has been a work in progress for several decades now. My background in various fields from Healthy, Green Architecture, to the fields of Technology, Ecology and Multimedia, has led me on a multi-disciplinary approach integrating a wide range of topics that I’ve been weaving together for over 25 years.


Thank you for your interest,

Timothy D. Rossi

Founder – Architectural Medicine LLC