Information for the General Public

This Section Is Dedicated to the General Public on the Topics of Health in the Built Environment

When considering the impacts that the built environment has on human health, the general public is the most important group to provide information in understanding this topic. This is because the knowledge can give an overview of these topics and provide options for what they can do about it for their own health. And often, the case is that they will be the group demanding any updates or changes to their built environments.

While the fields of architecture and medicine will be those doing the research, evaluations, and providing solutions as the supply of these issues, the public will be those who demand these changes.

And so, it is critical to understand that information for the public on these topics is essential for both changes in these building issues and for the better health and wellness of the individual.

When it comes to the public’s knowledge on these topics, there are several items that can be provided for an overview of these complex processes.

These can be provided as three main topics:

  • Physical Health and Wellness
  • Emotional Health and Wellness
  • Mental or Psychological Health and Wellness

These three topics examine how the built environment impacts individual health, while the below items discuss health on a local and global level:

When viewing health, we cannot separate the health of the planet or overall biological health and personal health. When viewing this over time, whether it be the timeline of an individual or the timeline of all life, these have to be viewed in an interdependent format. Otherwise, true health cannot be properly determined.

You can read more about this in the book Architectural Medicine – Building the Bridge to Wellness, available in print and ebook on Amazon or our website here.

The general public can also find more information about these processes by visiting the Architectural Medicine System (AMS) link, which provides a flowchart and diagrams as to how these issues can be evaluated and addressed by the medical and architecture fields, respectively.

These new systems can be supported using Electronic Health Records (EHR) or, better stated, a Comprehensive Health Record (CHR). This can include information about their building health and data related to their built environments.

This process is created by the architecture and medical professionals utilizing the Architectural Medicine System (AMS) and the software called the Architectural Medicine Software Solution – ARxMD. This software can provide more details for the patient as the general public and can allow for this knowledge to be accessible by the general public for viewing. In this manner, the public can be provided with knowledge of their environments and learn more about how their built environment impacts their health. More information about this software can be found at this link.

More information on these topics can be found in the new book Architectural Medicine – Building the Bridge to Wellness, available in paperback and eBook on Amazon at this link.