The Architectural Doctor book and the Architectural Medicine Book are Now Available

If you purchased the Architectural Medicine book and are looking for quick links to the chapter topics, click here for details.

If you purchased The Architectural Doctor book and are looking for quick links to the chapter topics, click here for details.

Architectural Medicine book published December 2020


Click here to order the Architectural Medicine book on Amazon

Click here to order The Architectural Doctor book on Amazon


The Architectural Medicine book, released in December 2020, is a publication that discusses the topics of health and wellness in the built environment in a new cohesive systems approach.

The Architectural Doctor book, released in November 2022, goes into more detail about the Architectural Medicine System, ARxMD, Building Informatics, and the Healthy Building Inspector utilizing interoperability across the professions of architecture and medicine in new and unprecedented ways.

Topics such as the “Architectural Medicine System (AMS)” are discussed, which approaches the solutions for better health in the built environment by providing integrative, multi-disciplinary connections between the fields of Architecture and Medicine.

This includes the Architectural Medicine Software Solution – ARxMD procedures and processes.

The Architectural Doctor and Building Informatics

The Architectural Doctor, the Building Informaticist, and the Healthy Building Inspector are also topics that are discussed relative to creating and maintaining built environments for better health.

With the impact that the built environment has on human health and well-being, the books focus on this topic of increasing study, interest, and recognition. Both the Medical fields and the many fields connected with Architecture are learning of this influence on human health in their research. As these fields continue to develop, there becomes an increasing need for these professions to connect these “dots” of their research for the benefit of both the professionals involved in the built environment and the overall public health.

Architectural Medicine works to connect these dots to provide updates on the latest information related to these various fields, and to help build bridges for a healthier, greener, and a more sustainable built environment.

Both books bring more awareness to these issues of the built environment, as well as new approaches and systems for Heath in the Built Environment.