Overview of All Fields Integrated

Why does Architectural Medicine include the three groups of the General Public and the professions of Architecture and Medicine in one? Isn’t that too much for one project to handle?

The answer to this question is two-fold. The first is to state that this project is not meant to address every single facet of each group, and the second is that the whole purpose of including each group is to ensure that the interconnectivity of each group is discussed.

In fact, one of the major reasons why all three main groups are included is to address the lack of current integration being a main issue and challenge in creating healthier built environments.

A Focus on Each Group and Profession

Each section will contain specific information regarding each group, yet all of this information will relate to the whole of how it is all connected. By creating this format, each group can receive information related to their profession or interest in their specific nomenclature, yet will also address the big picture viewpoints relative to the small, specific details.

This also allows the general public as the inhabitants of buildings to better understand how their built environment is impacting their health and wellness.

Click on the link to learn more about each section. You can find more details about the many “Various Fields of Architecture and Medicine” at this link, and a “Glossary of Common Definitions, Acronyms, and Fields” at this link.