ARxMD – The Architectural Medicine Software Solution and ARxMD Standards

ARxMD (pronounced arcs-med) is both a software solution and a set of standards of the Architectural Medicine System (AMS). The term is a combination of the Medical term Rx, often noted as originating from the term “Recipe.” Doctors and health professionals use the common term as a Prescription that is given to their patients as a remedy for their healing and health.

In this manner, the term itself is a combination of words, as it also refers to the “Arc” of Architecture, hence the connection between the fields of Architecture and Medicine. The software is an arc between the gaps between these two fields, currently providing whole systems solutions for health in the built environment.

The term ARxMD is the name of the Architectural Medicine Software Solution and is also the term used to define the Standards used to support optimal health in the built environment. For more information about the ARxMD Standards that the Architectural Medicine System (AMS) defines for the healthy built environment, please visit this page.

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