ARxMD Standards, Processes, and Protocols

Architectural Medicine has worked to develop standards, processes, and protocols defined as ARxMD, which have been developed as processes, protocols, and standards that work with the software and coding that can integrate into the common Electronic Health Record (EHR), the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platforms, and the Hospital Information Systems (HIS) utilized by Doctors and Health professionals.

These ARxMD standards provide details as to the many variables in the built environment that can support better health. Of course, there are already many standards that are defined and utilized for health in the built environment, such as OSHA standards.

However, there are some processes and protocols that currently do not have any standards, and in this case, the use of the ARxMD standard can help define and support these goals. And these standards can provide measurement parameters and baselines for the Doctor, Architect, Healthy Building Inspector, Architectural Doctor, and other professionals to utilize to support these healthier building goals.

More details on these ARxMD standards, processes, and protocols will be published soon. If you’d like information about these integrations between the EHR/EMR systems and the ARxMD software system, details can be found in the book “Architectural Medicine: Building the Bridge to Wellness” available here at Amazon in paperback and ebook versions.