ARxMD Lite Now Available for Download!

You can now download the ARxMD-Lite app on the Apple and Google Play stores. Click the link below to download for your platform:


ARxMD Lite Application

The Free Version of the Architectural Medicine Software Solution

The ARxMD-Lite App (pronounced arcs-med) is a new free application to support the education of health in buildings for the general public. Available for both the iOS and Android platforms, this app provides an overview of the topics related to health in buildings, along with green and sustainable building.

The built environment impacts your health on many levels, including physically, emotionally, and mentally. These are complex topics and require a systematic approach to provide solutions. However, there first needs to be information as education on these topics, and the ARxMD-Lite app provides a start to this education.

As mentioned throughout the Architectural Medicine website, when discussing the topic of human health, the health of the planet must also be included. Therefore, you cannot separate the biological health of humans from the ecological health of the planet.

With the time spent inside of buildings growing, where the average person spends between 60 to 90 percent of time inside, a focus on how the built environment impacts your health should be more inclusive. However, most building inspections focus on the structural integrity of the building and not on occupant health.

When discussing the topic of health in buildings, historically, this has been focused on physical health. This includes topics such as indoor air quality, lead paint, asbestos, and mold issues. However, the cause of many ailments may be missed due to the average physician not including a patient’s building health in their evaluations. This is a prime example of the gaps that exist that Architectural Medicine is working to bridge.

Architectural Medicine and the ARxMD Software Solution

When discussing the topic of creating better health, there are also the topics of emotional and mental health, along with physical components of health in buildings. All of these facets of buildings should be included into ensure that buildings are safe to live within and promote good health in the short and the long term.

ARxMD is a software solution based on the Architectural Medicine System (AMS). The term is a combination of the Medical term Rx, which is often noted as originating from the term “Recipe.” Doctors and health professionals use the common term as a Prescription that is given to their patients as a remedy for their healing and health. In this manner, the term itself is both a combination of words, yet it also refers to the “Arc” of Architecture, hence the connection between the fields of Architecture and Medicine. The software is literally an arc between the gaps between these two fields that currently exists, and the ARxMD apps work to provide whole systems solutions for health in the built environment.

For more information about ARxMD and the Architectural Medicine System (AMS) supporting developments for a healthy built environment, please visit this page.