What is an Architectural Doctor?

1. Overview of the Topic – Summary:

The Architectural Doctor is a new concept that combines the focus of a Medical Doctor and that of an Architect to consider and evaluate how the built environment may be impacting the health of a patient/client. This focus on the built environment and how it affects human health and the occupant is not necessarily new, however in this modern day world its focus is in striving to better evaluate the modern built environment (using data driven analysis and sensory perception), along with new knowledge of human health such as Neuroscience in Architecture for best health.

2. What is the focus of this Topic?:

The focal point of the Architectural Doctor is to evaluate and analyze the many facets of human health in the built environment, from the impact of the physical surroundings (i.e toxicology) with that of mental and emotional well being in how the built environment impacts all of these human facets.

3. Why it’s listed here – What is the relevance to Architectural Medicine?

The Architectural Doctor is the process of utilizing the knowledge and wisdom of Architectural Medicine and putting this into practice. This website has more information about this process, including this link defining the Architectural Doctor. There will be more details on this role in the near future.

4. Common groups and individuals involved with this topic:

This Architectural Medicine website includes many links and information on this emerging field. This emerging field includes those such as Dochitect (Diana Anderson, MD) and others who will be added to this page in the near future.

5. Resources: